The DSLR basics course is the perfect course to get started into photography. You will learn how to use your camera in manual mode as well as the use of basic accessories, measure the available light, and framing and composing to create stunning photos. It is composed of four lessons of two hours each and a photowalk during which I will shoot with you and guide you in the creative process.
Lesson 1: Camera basics, using the camera controls in manual mode, S(Tv), A and P modes, metering light and focusing.
Basic equipment, advice in the most useful accessories and how they can improve your photography.
Lesson 2: Composition basics. How to get visually appealing photos every time. We will cover subject placement, point of view and perspective, and the formal elements and space organization
Lesson 3: Post processing basics, what to do with your images after shooting. Archiving and backups, culling and editing, and basic digital photo development.
Lesson 4: Photowalk around the city according to the group’s interests. Themes usually covered are street photography, landscape and portrait.
Lesson 5: Photo critique, review of your photos and last tips and Q&A session.
At the moment I am organising a group for this course in Genova (Italy). Feel welcome to join us!
For checking availabilities please feel free to contact us here.

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