People-19Corporate and headshot sessions are quick photography sessions designed to get the best out of your personal image and produce outstanding photographs for you to use as a presentation. After the session you will have a set of different profile photos for your company’s website or intranet, your CV or social networks. And being only one or two hours long you will only need to spend a lunch break to have your photos taken.
Discounts for groups and the possibility of making the session at your office makes it a perfect way to have a high quality photo presentation of all of your employees, with a consistent look and in almost no time.
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Session info

At the moment I offer three different kind of sessions, the mini session, the standard, and the group session.
The headshot sessions lasts usually between one and two hours, and can be in the studio or on location (please note on location assignments will be minimum two hours). During that time we will shoot a range of different looks based on your personal needs. We will be reviewing together the results as we go and adapt the look of the shoot depending on your personality and branding needs.
The mini session lasts usually between half an hour and one hour and is always at my Genova studio. Normally you will get two different looks so you can use it for different purposes (for example one formal and one informal, one light and one dark…).
The group session can be at my Genova studio or I can move to your office, it basically is a group of mini sessions to achieve a coherent look that represents your company or brand.

The day of the session

I always recommend models to come fresh and after a good night of sleep. Bring with you a different set of clothes so you can change completely your look. I recommend to have different colours, darks and lights, as well as different necklines. Please come with the loosest one, specially if you are posing with no visible shirt later so you will have no marks on the skin. I recommend light makeup to start for women and no makeup for men, but again this is a matter of preference. Please bring make up and/or grooming products so you can change your look if needed.

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After the session

All photos will be processed and lightly retouched of small imperfections. I don’t retouch beauty spots because I find them part of the person, but if you want to get rid of some of them just ask. All my photos are delivered in colour unless you need them in black and white. Please note that heavier retouching is available at an extra fee. 
The photos will be delivered in digital format in a password protected gallery a few days after the session. This way you can share it with the people you want. I can also have the photos printed for you in different formats, from driving licence size all the way up to wall art, so feel free to ask for the different possibilities.

Scheduling and payment

I am usually available from Monday to Friday non stop from 9am until 19pm and weekends under request. Please consult me about my availability on any given day. Please arrive on time and don’t schedule tight after our session so we can extend it a bit if needed.
I ask for a non-refundable deposit in order to book a spot. The fee is due at your convenience after you choose the date of our session. However, if I do not receive it one week before the date, the session may be granted to someone in the waiting list.  For particulars the remaining balance is due the day of the session.For companies please ask about other payment terms. I accept cash, credit cards and PayPal. External freelances if needed may accept only cash.
For inquiries and booking please contact me here.