Black and White Challenge

Last week I received this mention from a friend and pro photographer at my facebook account:
Day 2 of 5. I will post one black and white photo on Facebook for the next 5 days. Each day I will nominate someone else to do the same. Today I nominate Kenneth Carranza to do the same.
As a mostly color photographer the challenge made me think in a completely new way, having to visualize the images in B&W and getting out of my comfort zone. Of the five photos I posted only the first two were originally meant to be B&W, and in the second one it was just because I had to use extremely high ISOs while shooting inside the gym. The other 3 were photos shot  during the last months, some of them discarded.
When shooting B&W even the composition changes a lot. Now you have no color to catch the eye or separate one thing from another. Texture and pattern becomes more important, as they are not subdued to color, as well as line and form. And the best of all is that when you are shooting back in color you will be more aware of that.
Give it a try, or change it with any kind of photography you are not familiar with. And enjoy.

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