How to photograph the Moon eclipse

Tomorrow is the longest total moon eclipse of this century, and to photograph it successfully you will need a little preparation. In this article I explain how to photograph tomorrow’s eclipse, and where to do it from Genoa and Milan, but it is applicable to the whole area of ​​Italy and Spain. If you are […]

Food and product photography by Genoa based photographer Kenneth Carranza

Backlighting: Vietnamese Springroll

Sometimes a pretty simple shot like this of a Vietnamese Springroll can get complicated because of production constraints. Shooting in an already packed kitchen it was not possible to mount a lighting table, so for this photograph I could only to use small equipment. The lighting is pretty simple, a strobe behind the subject and a softbox at […]

Travel and adventure photography by Genoa based photographer Kenneth Carranza

Winter equipment for photographers

These days we are having in Europe a Siberian cold wave. Here in Brussels it seems unlikely to stop snowing, and going out to shoot gets tougher. However, as an on-location shooter, I have developed preferences for certain gear that helps me keep relatively warm and comfortable while standing outside for a whole day. The […]