Tripod use for maximum stability

The stability we can achieve with our tripod is only in part thanks to its build quality. Correct positioning of the tripod allows us to obtain sharper images and prevents our equipment from accidental drop. When positioning the tripod we must be careful to level the legs. In this way the center of gravity is […]

The exposure triangle and the camera manual controls

The control of light is one of the most important topics in photography. By carefully planning your shot you can set the mood of your image in many different ways. The two main ways of controlling light on your image are the source of light itself and your camera settings. Controlling the source of light […]

How to photograph the Moon eclipse

Tomorrow is the longest total moon eclipse of this century, and to photograph it successfully you will need a little preparation. In this article I explain how to photograph tomorrow’s eclipse, and where to do it from Genoa and Milan, but it is applicable to the whole area of ​​Italy and Spain. If you are […]

Food and product photography by Genoa based photographer Kenneth Carranza

Backlighting: Vietnamese Springroll

Sometimes a pretty simple shot like this of a Vietnamese Springroll can get complicated because of production constraints. Shooting in an already packed kitchen it was not possible to mount a lighting table, so for this photograph I could only to use small equipment. The lighting is pretty simple, a strobe behind the subject and a softbox at […]

Travel and adventure photography by Genoa based photographer Kenneth Carranza

Winter equipment for photographers

These days we are having in Europe a Siberian cold wave. Here in Brussels it seems unlikely to stop snowing, and going out to shoot gets tougher. However, as an on-location shooter, I have developed preferences for certain gear that helps me keep relatively warm and comfortable while standing outside for a whole day. The […]